Of course it was the economy. And the globalization of world companies. And the recession. 2008 touched just about everyone I know. It touched my family and the net result is that I moved over 900 miles this summer to “start over” professionally in Dallas, Texas. My husband had already moved to start his new job, so I addressed the “to-do” checklist like the methodical list-maker that I am: Get the house ready to sell. (clear seventeen years of STUFF out of that basement and fix and paint those cracks in the walls!) Find a job. Get a Texas medical license. Look at my responsibilities and hand over the reigns to someone new.  Notify my patients and arrange for follow-up. You get the idea. It was a hectic and difficult year.

I left family and friends, a medical practice and professional colleagues that I respected and loved, a choir I enjoyed, a non-profit that I founded and a city that I had lived in longer than any other place in my life. Some people do this all the time. Moving is part of their corporate employment’s expectation; part of the culture of their work environment. It is not a part of mine. I explore life balance with people and learn to work with them over time on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. My work doesn’t come from within me – it comes through me. The affirmation that I repeat on a daily basis is “I trust the power of love working through me”. I do this best when I’m grounded.

So getting grounded is what I’m doing more than anything right now. Here’s my approach to getting grounded from an elemental point of view:

1)    Air – the mental realm – my attitude is important. As soon as we knew we were moving, I started making a list of people and places and things that we had found in Dallas that we enjoyed. Our favorite spice shop, a café with live music, the oriental art museum, an amazing realtor – and the list goes on. I consciously focused on my breath, my life force energy, as it came in to me breath by breath.

2)    Earth – the physical realm – this is the details of our home, the little creek in the backyard and the collection of bunnies and birds and geckos that share it with us. Just as we moved in, the nest of baby wrens in the birdhouse under the eaves became vocal. We had a front row seat at feeding times and got to watch them venture out on their own for the first time. We moved from Ohio just as the temperature outside here hit 100 degrees and stayed there for over two weeks, so a lot of the bird watching has been done from indoors as we wait for cooler weather. I am organizing and unpacking and decorating our home. It’s not going to be finished until we sell our Ohio house and have the capital to change a few things, but we’re cool, we’re dry and we’re protected.

3)    Water – the emotional realm – has been the hardest to work with, I confess. I lean a lot on my family and friends. I’m handling the details at home and paying the bills – and as we’re waiting for our other house to sell, it is a challenge to acknowledge the financial fear without staying in it. On the other hand, our marriage is easier in the same zip code. There’s time to talk. (this morning we were listening to the rain on the skylights together and he told me that the only other place in our solar system that it appears to rain is Saturn’s moon, Titan. Of course, it doesn’t rain water there…) There’s time to dream.

4) Fire – The element of fire is the action realm. The to-do lists, the initiative to learn blogging. The creative work and the insights that have shown up. I have had to ramp up fire energy a lot lately. I know it only thrives when I keep the emotional water in balance and acknowledged.

Getting grounded makes life flow. One breath at a time.

Until the next post, be well!