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Just read a great blog post about approaching our lives as women in a balanced and thoughtful way….read the post here
may grace shine on all of us.

Sometimes my life has a theme. The same concept shows up in various media or in various conversations from various friends or clients. I’m getting better at recognizing the themes. (I mean really, how often do we just travel life’s road blithely; unconscious to the themes or patterns around us?) So this week’s theme is gratitude. And NOT just because we’re edging closer to the Thanksgiving holiday. and NOT just because I subscribe to’s word of the day. It’s more than that. Here’s an article from the huffington post that came through a friend’s Facebook page. And here’s a Ted talk by the photographer Louie Schartzberg that also talks about gratitude with a combination of eloquence and beautiful pictures.

So I’m taking it as a sign that it’s time to re-double my efforts at gratitude. Daily. C’mon along!